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Jo-Ann Heath

Jo-Ann Heath

Jo-Ann has been raised in a real estate family, with all members of her family achieving their sales license. Jo-Ann’s professional, polite, friendly deposition gets right to the heart of what you want. Her aim is to provide the service you need and to ensure client satisfaction.


Jo-Ann has spent several years in Property Management, tending to hundreds of different properties. She is alert to both people and property needs and understands that keeping a property well maintained, maintains the value of the property. Finding the right property for her clients is a major goal for Jo-Ann.


Having travelled extensively overseas, Jo-Ann has traversed over 36 countries, observing diverse cultures and appreciating the many unique architectural styles. Married to a builder and a partner in their business for over 15 years, her knowledge of timbers house styles and market trends is extensive. Having been involved with design, building and real estate for many years, she offers a sea of ideas.


At the local Mount Barker Tafe, Jo-Ann completed a Certificate in Horticulture, achieving a distinction in Landscape Design. Familiar with both indigenous and exotic plants, she loves gardening.


A local lady, she knows where to shop, where the local schools, antique shops, hardware stores, restaurants and entertainment can be found. Well versed with what is happening in the community, she is involved with the local sports clubs and has assisted with many school activities, supporting her local community.


Jo-Ann is highly motivated, enthusiastic, considerate of your goals, she is ready to listen to you, to provide the customer service you desire. Talk to Jo-Ann, she will get right to the heart of what you are looking for and tend to you in a professional manner.


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