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Hills Sustainable Gardens

Hills Sustainable Gardens

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PO Box 180, Kangarilla SA 5157
ph: 0411 168 236
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Hills Sustainable Gardens is a qualified horticulture business that has a regular client base of exclusive properties spread all over the Adelaide Hills. We are highly dedicated, qualified and experienced staff with a professional mind-set optimising our daily and weekly schedules in order to suit our customers gardening needs. Whether it is paying special attention to the detail required for your delicate flora or whether its the close attention to detail of your carefully manicured small or large green lawn areas. HSG has the gardening experience for urban, rural, sophisticated, residential and large commercial properties. Sustainability for us is especially important to our business particularly due to ‘sustainable’ being in our business name. Sustainability for us means to be able to maintain gardens to a desirable level for proprietors. South Australia is regularly drought affected and we feel it would be more appropriate to use a landscape concept that does not require overuse of watering thus assisting the Environmental sustainability whilst at the same time reducing costly time consuming garden maintenance. Sustainable to us also means meeting the other important environmental needs such as promoting native wildlife which includes using an abundance of South Australian native plants which we believe can enhance the look of a property and encourage native wildlife.