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Property Market Remains Strong In SA And Australia

Property Market Remains Strong In SA And Australia

Just when we all thought Sydney had run out of steam, it rebounded again, as did Melbourne with Sydney taking the lead once again with a 6.8% rise and 3.5% for Melbourne, whilst Adelaide only saw a .8% growth for the quarter.

The strong combined performance by Australia's biggest cities lifted the Hedonic Home Value index to a new record. Whilst residential prices are forecast to remain relatively stable in the next 12 months, we are seeing new investors seeking to purchase property throughout SA. These buyers are often first home buyers from the Eastern seaboard that simply can't afford the high prices of Melbourne and Sydney and see Adelaide as an attractive affordable place to invest.

The Adelaide Hills region is continuing to perform well with sales outstripping supply in most areas. The prices remain steady with continued interest in our market place. As our temperatures heat up, we will expect the activity will too, with one of the wettest winters now well behind Property Market Remains Strong In SA And Australia us.

The soggy weather we endured didn't affect our overall sales, in fact we had one of the best selling periods in history. However our slow start to spring has certainly slowed new properties entering the market. So in the coming weeks, expect to see some substantial properties hitting these pages.